Our Story

Versalove was born out of a passion for fashion, combined with personal frustrations experienced by our Founder, Blessing Eke.  Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Blessing was involved in a car accident and suffered a leg fracture as well as severe mental distress. During this difficult time, Blessing gained over eighty pounds and was forced to rebuild her entire wardrobe. However, she did not mind because she loved shopping and thought she could use some retail therapy. Under the circumstances, she could only rely on e-commerce and quickly encountered the numerous challenges faced by online shoppers, particularly in the fashion industry. 

After purchasing, trying on, and returning multiple garments in three different sizes, it became clear to Blessing that her body no longer conformed to standard industry sizes. She was devastated, and she felt that her only option was to look for made-to-measure clothing that could be purchased entirely online. Blessing was shocked to discover that there was no made-to-measure womenswear brand capable of capturing digital body measurements. The only available options either required manual input of measurement data or simulated approximate measurements based on a body shape quiz.

Blessing saw this as an opportunity to develop Versalove — an inclusive and affordable brand that makes custom fashion accessible to everyone; especially those who have ever been deprived of the pieces they desire, simply because their bodies defy size charts.

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